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The Extranet is a secure online reporting system that provides hierarchical access to drug screen results and supplementary documentation, including imaging of the chain of custody received at the laboratory. The Extranet portal is multi-language capable and includes a test archive, test result notifications, a built-in statistics reporting system, export capabilities, and a result notes system. 

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Statistics Reporting System

Omega Laboratories offers two statistics reporting options, free of charge, to all clients. The Omega statistics generator is integrated into the Extranet reporting portal and gives you the ability to run statistics reports on-demand, based upon a date range and specimen type. These reports can be restricted to specific result types and reasons for test. The final report includes data such as total positive and negative numbers and rates, as well as a breakdown of the drugs found positive and other key program data. If you do not want to run these on your own, Omega can run individual statistics reports for your program by request. 

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oCCF Online CCF System

oCCF is a web-based Custody and Control Form system offering data collection and reporting solutions for employers, TPAs, and drug testing clinics around the globe. The oCCF helps to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of your program. oCCF offers unique POCT instant testing solutions that are not readily available in the marketplace. This includes the ability to generate professional-looking results that will enhance your billing and reporting process. oCCF is free to use for all Omega clients performing laboratory-based hair and oral fluid testing. 

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Multi-Language Reporting

Omega Laboratories offers multi-language reporting, allowing you to receive test results in your chosen language. Current reporting language options include Portuguese, Malay, Spanish, French, Swedish, Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, and Turkish. When selecting a reporting language, clients will receive a copy of the result in the chosen language alongside the English-language documentation. Omega's multi-language offerings work with your existing reporting system, including the Extranet, Secure-fax, and data integrations. 

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