HMG Public Comments

Health and Human Services (HHS) recently published proposed Hair Mandatory Guidelines (HMG) for Public Comment. These proposed guidelines, if accepted, would define the rules for any federally regulated employers choosing to use hair testing to satisfy federal drug testing requirements. As many have noted, there are some major problems with these guidelines that would make them burdensome for motor carriers. 

Omega has spent the last month developing a guide for providing public comments including a discussion of the problems with the HMG, the major issues that must be addressed, and recommended solutions to help regulators make the needed changes.
We are asking each and every one of you to make a Public Comment on these guidelines if possible. Our goal is to get as many voices as possible to chime in on the obvious oversights so that HHS can make the necessary corrections to bring adequate Hair Mandatory Guidelines to the Federal Workplace Drug Testing Program. Please feel free to use our provided comments, or select any parts of this document for your own public comments.

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