Druglizer LE5

The Ultimate Handheld Drug Testing Solution

Omega Laboratories takes pride in being the Master Distributor for Alcolizer Technology Products. Druglizer LE5 Drug Testing System is for the rapid oral fluid screening of drug abuse. The system incorporates a Druglizer Cartridge, a Druglizer Oral Fluid Collector and a LE5 Drug Tester (purchased separately). The Druglizer LE5 provides quick, accurate results from 90 seconds, clear, visual electronic display, easy to use operation, cost-effective drug testing, and electronic cartridge batch validation. Druglizer can become a dependable asset to your current drug testing programs. 

What Can Drugilizer Offer YOU?

» Fast, Easy Calibration
 Maximum unit availability
- The module exchange system enables easy on-site calibration 
 Achieve long term savings via reduced unit management
 No operational disruption 

» Multi-Drug Groups Testing 
 Developed to detect a variety of drug groups
 Utilizes lateral flow to provide accurate Instant POCT results 

» Fast, Accurate Law Enforcement Grade Testing 
• Incorporates:  
- State-of-the-art Linear Detector Arrays 
- A patented Optical Filtering System 
 Delivers fast, accurate drug test results from just 90 seconds
- Results clearly defined and displayed 
 User not required to interpret the presence of a line like other test devices 
» Service and Support 
 Product lifetime warranty 
- Maintained under an AlcoCARE plan
 Supported by a global network of:
- Service providers
- Factory trained professional technicians  
For service and calibration every 6 months  
» Robust and Durable Product
 Designed and made for demanding conditions 
- Delivers outstanding performance in rugged and remote environments