Alcolizer LE5

Law Enforcement Grade Handheld Alcohol Tester

Omega Laboratories takes pride in being the Master Distributor for Alcolizer Technology products. Created and trusted by law enforcement, federal agencies and industrial customers around the world, the Alcolizer LE5 Alcohol Tester's platinum electrochemical fuel cell delivers fast, sophisticated and accurate results. Delivering outstanding display and response times in an ergonomic package, the Alcolizer LE5 Series continues the Alcolizer tradition of groundbreaking technological development delivering advanced solutions for our customers. Alcolizer LE5 can become a reliable asset to your current drug testing programs. 

What Can Alcolizer LE5 Offer YOU?

  • Premium Performance 
» Highly responsive electrochemical fuel cell 
» Robust and durable 
 Designed for demanding conditions 
  • Multi-Functioning Testing 
» Mouthpiece tests 
» Passive tests 
 Fast results 
  • Service and Support 
» AlcoCARE
  • On-Site Calibration 
» Calibration completed in 60 seconds 
Connected for Maximum Functionality 
» AlcoCONNECT Live
 Connect via the AlcoCONNECT mobile app 
» AlcoCONNECT Toolbox 
 Data download 
» Bluetooth printing 
» GPS location test logging