Introducing Alcolizer LE5 and Druglizer LE5: The Drug Testing Solutions Driving Innovation

As a global forensic drug testing provider, Omega Laboratories is committed to ensuring a safe, efficient, and healthy environment. For over 25 years now, law agencies, industry and personal users trust Alcolizer will keep their employees and themselves safe. Alcolizer continued its innovative track record by introducing the Druglizer, a leading drug testing solution in the industry. Alcolizer believes alcohol and drug testing is crucial for personal safety and a safe, productive workplace.
Ω Law Enforcement Grade Alcohol Testing 
Ω Premium Performance 
Ω Multi-Functioning Testing 
Ω Service and Support 
Ω On-Site Calibration 
Ω The Ultimate Handheld Drug Testing Solution 
Ω Fast, Easy Calibration
Ω Multi-Drug Groups Testing  
Ω Fast, Accurate Law Enforcement Grade Drug Testing 
Ω Service and Support 
Ω Robust and Durable Product 

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