Omega OCCF & Extranet Demo

Omega Laboratories is excited to debut our new Online CCF application which overcomes many of the challenges currently plaguing the use of Electronic / Online CCF Systems in the global marketplace.

In the past, unique scenarios such as language barrier, local legal requirements, global date and time support, and unique characters/alphabets have hindered the use of these systems outside of the United States. Our new system offers functionality in multiple languages (including unique alphabets), automatically displays the correct date format based on user location, and can be customized to include your consent form, data fields, and company logo. 

Using a custom-designed web application, we have created this database driven system which can be quickly updated to include new language translations based upon our client's needs. Omega has also addressed the problems of reporting results overseas, and now offers result reports that can be customized to report with your chosen language and your company logo. 

Please click below to see our Demonstration:

Omega Online CCF & Result Reports Demo